(Policits.co.uk) – The teacher sat with the handbag clenched in her fingers, ready in case she needed to leave suddenly. Her eyes seemed to dart from window to door, checking her exits. At first, she wasn’t even willing to tell me her name, and, for her protection, I won’t repeat it here. She is a teacher in the English-speaking region of Cameroon, a country where most of the population speaks French. When she told me about her students, she loosened her tight grip on her handbag, and her eyes locked solidly on mine. She told me that a group of separatist rebels had visited her school three months earlier. The insurgents had taken up arms to fight for independence for Cameroon’s Anglophone regions and told the headmaster that the teachers had to stop going to school. Their threats carried weight, as armed separatists have been torching schools across the region, damaging at least 58, since late 2016.