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Watchlist Press Releases:

New UN Report Fails to Apply the Same Standard to All Child Rights Violators – July 30, 2019

UN: List All Warring Parties Responsible for Violations against Children – May 24, 2019

UN: Put Child Rights Up Front in Peace Processes – July 9, 2018

UN: Child Rights Violators Put on Notice that Abuses Must End – June 27, 2018

South Sudan’s Government is Attacking Hospitals and Blocking Civilians from Accessing Lifesaving Food, Medicine, and Supplies – April 23, 2018

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition and the Houthis Still Attacking Hospitals and Denying Humanitarian Access Across Yemen – March 26, 2018

The Taliban, the Islamic State, and Afghan Military Forces are Attacking Hospitals and Denying Access to Health Care Across Afghanistan – March 16, 2018

UN Secretary-General Must List Forces From Afghanistan, the Congo, Israel, and Myanmar in Annual Shame List for Child Violations – March 6, 2018

Child Rights Organizations Welcome UN Secretary-General’s 2017 List of Perpetrators of Grave Violations against Children – October 5, 2017

Saudi Arabia-led Coalition in Yemen Committed 23 Grave Violations Against Children Last Year –  July 20, 2017

UN Secretary-General Must List All Perpetrators of Children’s Rights Violations in War – June 2, 2017

PHR, Watchlist Say Attacks on Health Care Continue Unabated – May 3, 2017

New Report: UN Must List Saudi Arabia-Led Coalition for Violating Child Rights in Yemen – April 20, 2017

Targeted Attacks on Medical Facilities and Staff in Afghanistan Lead to Death and Disease Among Children – March 6, 2017

UN Secretary-General Should Add New Perpetrators to His 2017 List of Violators Against Children in Armed Conflict – March 1, 2017

August 2016 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – August 1, 2016

Watchlist Welcomes Listing of New Parties in the UN Secretary-General’s Annual Report on Children and Armed Conflict, Calls for Further, More Accurate Listings – June 8, 2016

On International Human Rights Day, Watchlist signals that detention of children in Mali is a problem – December 10, 2015

New Report: Central African Republic: Attacks on Schools Endangering Children – September 10, 2015 (French)

June 2015 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – June 18, 2015

March 2015 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – March 24, 2015

Colombia: Child soldiers risk being left out of the peace process – February 19, 2015

September 2014 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – September 8, 2014

New Report: Children in Northeast Nigeria Subject to a Wide Range of Violations by Warring Parties; Greater Action Needed– September 4, 2014

UN Should Exclude DRC Armed Forces from Peacekeeping Mission in CAR – August 19, 2014

March 2014 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – March 7, 2014

New Report: Violations Committed by Armed Groups Against Children in Mali; Greater Action Needed by All – June 19, 2013 (French)

2013 Open Debate on Children and Armed Conflict – June 17, 2013

Myanmar: Watchlist Calls for an Inclusive and Transparent Implementation of the Action Plan on Child Recruitment and Use – June 29, 2012

New UN Report on Children and Armed Conflict: List of Persistent Perpetrators of Extreme Violence Against Children Doubles – June 11, 2012

New Report: Risks For Children in Colombia’s Armed Conflict on the Rise; Protection by Colombian Government Insufficient – April 3, 2012

New Report: LRA And Other Armed Groups Committing Grave Violations Against Children in Central African Republic – May 4, 2011

New Report Calls On World Leaders To Protect Afghanistan’s Children – June 14, 2010

Watchlist Applauds New UN Security Council Resolution To Protect Children In Armed Conflict, Urges Implementation – August 4, 2009

No More Denial: Call for UN To Protect Children In Armed Conflict In Myanmar – May 6, 2009

Armed Conflict in Sri Lanka Escalates, Children Face Urgent Crisis – April 14, 2008 (SinhalaTamil)

Children Continue To Face Abuses In Sudan, Watchlist Calls For Urgent Action – April 18, 2007

Nepal’s Children Devastated By Raging Armed Conflict – January 26, 2005

Liberia Dangerous For Children Months After War Ends – June 28, 2004

Watchlist Outraged By Wide Spectrum Of Abuses Against Children In Colombia – February 18, 2004

Watchlist Deplores Widespread Abuses Against Children in the Democratic Republic of Congo – June 16, 2003

Children Ravaged by Sudan’s War, Peace Process Should Give Priority to Ending Abuses and Building Future with Children and Adolescents – March 25, 2003

Activists From War Zones Demand Better Protection For Children – November 6, 2002

Afghan Peace and Reconstruction Plans Should Include Protections For Children – November 19, 2001

Watchlist in Other Media:

Fragile states lag behind when it comes to health – Devex, September 3, 2019

Ex-child soldier demands end to abuses after worst year on record – Inside Over, August 8, 2019

Canada Effectively Addresses Children in Armed Conflict – IPS, August 6, 2019

Los niños, una cara del conflicto – VOANoticias, July 31, 2019

UN report: Conflicts kill and hurt a record 12,000 children – Washington Post, July 30, 2019

Thousands of children have been killed by Assad’s forces in Syria ‘reconquest’ campaigns – The New Arab, July 30, 2019

Israel dodges UN blacklist despite rise in Palestinian youth killed and injured in 2018 – Mondoweiss, July 29, 2019

UN drafts ‘list of shame’ over child deaths in Yemen – AFP, July 12, 2019

Interview with Watchlist on the Secretary-General’s 2018 annual report on children and armed conflict – Al Jazeera Arabic, June 26, 2018

In South Sudan, Denial of Humanitarian Aid is a War Tactic – IPS, May 4, 2018

Attacks on aid workers, health facilities leave millions in South Sudan without care, report finds – DEVEX, April 27, 2018

Coalition: Israel, Myanmar must go on children’s blacklist – Associated Press, March 6, 2018

Gobierno y ELN deben priorizar la protección de la niñez – El Espectador (Colombia), February 12, 2018

Saudi-led coalition on UN blacklist for killing Yemen kids – Associated Press, October 4, 2017

Afghan Province, Squeezed by Taliban, Loses Access to Medical Care – New York Times, September 23, 2017

U.N. Secretary-General Holds His Tongue on Human Rights Violations – Foreign Policy, June 12, 2017

UN: 8,600 people in Yemen believed infected with cholera – i24NEWS Crossroads, May 16, 2017

Israeli army ‘among world’s child rights violators’ – Al Jazeera, April 6, 2017

Launch of the report, “‘Every Clinic is Now on the Frontline’ The Impact on Children of Attacks on Health Care in Afghanistan” at the UN Press Briefing Room – March 6, 2017

“Attacks on Afghan hospitals hit children the hardest” – Op-Ed in IRIN by Christine Monaghan, Watchlist Research Officer – March 6, 2017

“Afghan fighting pressures hospitals, clinics: children’s rights group” – Reuters, March 6, 2017

Launch of the policy note, “Annual Report 2017: Putting Children’s Rights Up Front” at the UN Press Briefing Room – March 1, 2017

“UN Urged to Add 11 Parties to List of Child Rights Violators” – Associate Press, March 1, 2017

“How Can Peace Agreements Protect Children? Q&A with Eva Smets” – International Peace Institute Interview – February 17, 2017

“Shifting Afghan frontlines make aid work harder, more dangerous” – Reuters, February 9, 2017

“Vulnerable Students, Unsafe Schools: Attacks and Military Use of Schools in the Central African Republic” – Interview given by Janine Morna to VOA’s “Africa 54” program – September 10, 2015

“Countries Delay UN Plan to Name those Accused of Sex Abuse” – Associated Press article quoting Watchlist  – August 20, 2015

“Children Increasingly Becoming the Spoils of War” – Inter Press Service article quoting Watchlist – July 14, 2015

“Report: Violence Against Children Runs Rampant In Nigeria’s Northeast” – Interview given by Janine Morna and Saudatu Mahdi to National Public Radio – September 4, 2014

Launch of the report “Where are they…? The situation of children and armed conflict in Mali” at the UN Press Briefing Room – June 19, 2013

“Los niños de la guerra,” Watchlist appearance with partner organization COALICO on CNN Café – April 6, 2012

“No One to Trust: Children and Armed Conflict in Colombia” – Watchlist Briefing at the UN – April 3, 2012

“An Uncertain Future? Children and Armed Conflict in the Central African Republic” – Interview given by Laura Perez to Radio Ndeke Luka in Bangui – May 18, 2011

“An Uncertain Future? Children and Armed Conflict in the Central African Republic” – Interview given by Laura Perez to BBC’s “Focus on Africa” programme – May 4, 2011

An Uncertain Future? Children and Armed Conflict in the Central African Republic – Watchlist/IDMC Briefing at the UN – May 4, 2011