(UNHCR) – UNHCR recognizes the tremendous contribution of Jordan in hosting over 630,000 refugees, which has put a heavy strain on its infrastructure and economy. We also acknowledge the serious impact of the Syria conflict on Jordan’s security. With worsening situation inside Syria, UNHCR is gravely concerned for some 12,000 people trying to flee Syria and stranded in remote areas at the north eastern Jordanian border, facing deteriorating humanitarian conditions. The population includes about 11,000 people in Rukban (about 8 kilometres to the west of the point at which the Iraq, Syria, and Jordan borders meet) and 1,000 people in Hadalat (some 90 km further west), and has been growing in recent weeks. It includes elderly people, others who are sick or wounded, children, women, and others who are vulnerable and need help. The refugees are gathering near an earthen wall or ‘berm’ on Jordanian territory in a rocky area devoid of shade, water or vegetation.