In September 2012, Watchlist and the Mission of Liechtenstein to the United Nations presented a Smartphone application on the UN’s Children and Armed Conflict agenda, aimed to provide policy-makers (and those seeking to influence them) with readily available documents and language on child protection issues. The smartphone application was launched in the presence of the UN Special Representative Ms. Leila Zerrougui, and Mr. Christian Wenaweser, Ambassador of Liechtenstein, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

The application seeks to ensure that the important progress achieved within the Children and Armed Conflict agenda translates into the negotiations of Security Council resolutions, the mission mandates of peacekeeping operations and criteria for sanctions committees. It is available for Blackberry, I-phone and Android.

A year after its launch, 3460 users have uploaded the application on their Smartphones. Users are registered in various countries worldwide: USA, UK, Germany, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Sweden, Italy, France, Japan, Sierra Leone, and Laos.

In the coming year, Watchlist will plan regular updates of the content of the application; and also find ways to make the content available via the internet.

Download the Smartphone application here for Blackberry, I-phone or Android