During the Third Committee meeting on the Rights of the Child at the United Nations General Assembly this October, Watchlist’s Colombia partner COALICO visited New York to conduct strategic advocacy meetings with key actors on the issue of children affected by armed conflict (CAAC) in Colombia. In addition to attending the Rights of the Child presentation panels, jointly with Watchlist, the delegation met with several permanent missions, UNICEF, OSRSG-CAAC and concerned international NGOs to brief them on the current situation of children affected by Colombia’s conflict. They shared new data they collected through their monitoring work on the ground, and provided updates on progress and challenges. In this venue, the partners were able to share their advocacy messages, soliciting feedback and political support that is still needed to further illuminate Colombia’s CAAC issues at the international level, as well as strengthen the ongoing socio-political and legal efforts at the local and national levels in Colombia. These New York-based dialogues resulted in a direct transfer of grassroots-level knowledge necessary to inform the policy-making at the global level, touching upon concerns regarding social integration of formerly recruited children, concrete measures for reinsertion, legal protection etc.