In order to promote the impact and effectiveness of the United Nations children and armed conflict (CAC) agenda, Watchlist pursued the following policy and advocacy activities on the occasion of the June 2015 CAC open debate:

  1. Special CAC Monthly Update

In support of its lobbying activities, Watchlist released its special edition of the CAC Monthly Update, specifically featuring its recommendations for the Security Council on the occasion of the June 2015 CAC open debate. It urged the Security Council to commit to specific actions to strengthen the implementation of its children and armed conflict agenda:

Click here to read the June 2015 Special CAC Monthly Update

  1. Briefing Note: Expanding the UN’s Children and Armed Conflict Agenda

In this briefing note, Watchlist highlights abductions of children in situations of armed conflict and the detention of children allegedly associated with armed forces or groups, through examining the Secretary-General’s annual reports from 2002 to 2014. The note was published ahead of the June Security Council Open Debate to, in part, influence the resolution on children and armed conflict by providing specific recommendations on expansion of listing criteria to include abductions. Lastly, it urges all parties to ensure that children associated with armed groups or forces are treated primarily as victims, whose treatment should focus on maximizing their potential for effective rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

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