“The Security Council is encouraged to call upon all parties in situations of armed conflict to adhere to international normative instruments protecting educational facilities from attack. This includes protecting educational institutions as well as students, teachers and other education personnel. Special attention should be paid to the protection of girls’ right to education, given the increased targeting of girls’ educational facilities in some countries.” (Secretary-General report on children and armed conflict, 2010)


“All parties to the conflict are urged to comply with principles of international law, to recognize and maintain the neutrality and safety of schools and hospitals, including their personnel, as “zones of peace”. (Secretary-General report on Afghanistan, 2011)


“I am concerned by the increasing trend of attacks against schools and hospitals, and I encourage the Security Council to further ensure that such facilities remain protected, including by calling on all parties to conflict to respect and take all possible measure to protect these crucial institutions and their personnel (and, in the case of schools, their students) and to ensure the functioning of schools and hospitals. Special attention should be paid to the protection of girl’s access to schools and hospitals.”  


“While acknowledging that equal weight should be given to all grave violations against children, and taking into account the ever-increasing need to protect schools and hospitals, as noted in the present and previous reports, it is recommended that the Security Council consider expanding the gateway to the annexes of my report to include parties that attack schools and/or hospitals.” (Secretary-General’s annual report on children and armed conflict, 2011)