The workshop participants came with a wealth of field experience from conflict-affected countries all over the world. With such an array of perspectives, there was lively debate about the programs and legal frameworks in place to protect children. During a conversation on the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM), a regional Protection Expert on Somalia from the European Commission Directorate for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO) raised her concern over the accuracy of UN country reports considering the security and access challenges monitors face in obtaining information on violations.  An Emergency Coordinator for the United Nations Children’s Fund expressed his concern that while the international community focuses primarily on countries already steeped in violence and conflict, “countries of concern” like Pakistan and Thailand are rarely the focus of preventative child protection and advocacy efforts. To address these issues as well as others, Watchlist worked with the participants to formulate a series of recommendations for local, national and international actors to help mitigate challenges in protecting children’s rights in armed conflict. Suggestions included greater technical and funding support to local NGOs who wish to participate in the MRM as well as stricter and more systematic responses by the international community towards national governments unwilling to hold perpetrators of violations accountable.