On 4 March 2014, Watchlist launched its new “Resource Pack on NGO Engagement in the Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM)” co-developed with UNICEF. Hosted by the Permanent Mission of Canada to the United Nations on UN premises, the launch event included presentations by Watchlist, UNICEF and Watchlist’s civil society partner from Colombia, COALICO. Especially developed for the civil society organizations engaging with the UN-led MRM in the field, the Resource Pack offers NGOs a range of tools to help them define whether and how to engage in the MRM in a way that strengthens both their programs and the mechanism itself. The UN-led MRM, which documents six grave violations perpetrated against children in situations of armed conflict, performs best when it enjoys the support and participation of civil society actors. However, the scope of NGO engagement can vary greatly due to security concerns, or gaps in knowledge and capacity. The Resource Pack aims to address and mitigate these challenges.

Download the Resource Pack (Available in English and French)