The 1612 Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM), which documents six grave violations perpetrated against children in situations of armed conflict, is a UN-led process that performs best when it enjoys the support and participation of civil society actors. Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), whether local or international, have been contributing to the MRM by monitoring and documenting grave violations, responding to the needs of victims, and by advocating for stronger action to protect children. However, the scope of their engagement can vary due to a number of factors including security constraints, limited knowledge of how the mechanism works and insufficient financial and technical capacity.

The Resource Pack on NGO engagement in the MRM offers a range of tools designed to help civil society organizations and humanitarian partners define whether and how they should engage with the MRM in a way that will ensure a safe and meaningful participation that strengthens both their programs and the mechanism itself.

Originally published in 2014, the 2nd Edition of the Resource Pack was launched in May, 2015. The updated Resource Pack contains a total of 64 targeted tools including factsheets, checklists, matrixes, charts, diagrams and case studies offering guidance to better understand the MRM, to orient internal discussion on the most desirable type of strategic engagement in the MRM and to mainstream MRM information into programming.

The Resource Pack is a living document. Watchlist aims to continue to update it periodically, not only to reflect developments in the MRM and the children and armed conflict agenda, but also to continuously integrate new experiences and feedback from NGOs and the UN. We hope the Resource Pack will create the space for a global community of practice on the MRM. To this aim, we encourage NGOs and UN staff to send us feedback on the use of this Resource Pack, using the Feedback Form available in the Annex.


Feedback and any other questions or remarks can be sent at any time to Watchlist at


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