June 2023 – Worldwide, one in six children – or about 449 million – live in conflict zones. Their rights are often affected by the activities of State and non-State parties to armed conflicts. In 2022 alone, the United Nations (UN) verified 24,300 grave violations against children – these included killing and maiming, sexual violence, use and recruitment, abductions, and deprivations of vital resources ensuing from the destruction of schools, hospitals and the arbitrary denial of humanitarian relief.

With this in mind, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict and the Generating Respect Hub at the University of York’s Centre for Applied Human Rights (CAHR) are launching the Children and Armed Conflict Publications Series. The series will address topical issues relevant for the international community working on the protection of children in armed conflict. The first of such documents, “Children and Armed Conflict: A Legal Glossary on Abduction and Deportation,” provides a glossary of legal terms relevant to abduction and deportation of children in armed conflict. It presents clear and succinct analysis of terms by referencing the legal basis under international law, relevant jurisprudence and interpretative work of adjudicative and monitoring mechanisms, and signposting, where pertinent, relations with other terminology.

The aim of this glossary is to enhance legal understanding on child protection in armed conflict among international and domestic policymakers, field practitioners, civil society organizations and the media. It seeks to assist with monitoring and decision-making activities, thus contributing to the effective implementation of international law frameworks and mechanisms for the protection of children in armed conflict.

Read “Children and Armed Conflict: A Legal Glossary on Abduction and Deportation” here.  

Photo Credit/Adam Jones