In 2018, children living in conflict zones suffered extreme, record-setting levels of violence, as warring parties flouted international law with near impunity. In this increasingly difficult environment, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict persisted in its efforts to end violations against children in war and guarantee their rights. Working closely with international and local partners, Watchlist effectively drew the attention of high-level policy-makers to the situation of children in conflict-affected countries, made concrete recommendations to strengthen programs and policies for their protection, and empowered local civil society to advocate at the international level on behalf of affected children. Watchlist’s 2018 Annual Report describes its efforts to mainstream child protection into the work of the UN Security Council, advocacy to promote accountability for grave violations, research on attacks on health care and the denial of humanitarian access, and work with local partners in Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Myanmar.

Read more in Watchlist’s 2018 Annual Report.