(Physicians for Human Rights) – Attacks on health care facilities in Syria reached the highest numbers yet in a single month since the start of the conflict in March 2011. In May alone, Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) documented 15 attacks on 14 medical facilities, including seven that had been attacked previously. PHR also documented the killing of 10 medical personnel in May. PHR has found that government forces were responsible for all of the May facility attacks and seven of the 10 personnel deaths, all of which are documented on PHR’s interactive map. Hama Central Hospital, located in Hazareen in Idlib governorate, suffered two separate attacks in May. The hospital was attacked with a barrel bomb on May 7, killing a nurse working at the hospital, injuring five members of the medical staff, and causing material damage severe enough to put the hospital out of service. The hospital’s operating room, radiology room, and medical equipment were damaged. Then, on May 16, government forces attacked again, this time with a missile, causing additional damage and injuring two staff members.