(NRC) – A year and a half after the historic peace agreement in Colombia was reached, whole communities are still being forcibly displaced because of violence in the country’s north-west. Four community leaders have been murdered, leaving their people in fear and forcing new leaders into hiding. When people or families are forced to flee their homes, “time doesn’t pass”, says Hernando*, an eleven-year-old boy from the village of San José de Uré, in Córdoba department, Colombia. On 18 January 2018, Hernando and the members of his community in San Pedrito had to flee after the murder of Plinio Pulgarín, one of their leaders. They were forced to leave their land and all their possessions behind. Hernando doesn’t know how long he will be away from his regular life, the familiar field he used to play in or the toys he left in his room. He says he is afraid of people who dress in camouflage or “any green uniform”.