(UNSMIL) – UNICEF’s Special Representative in Libya, Dr. Ghassan Khalil, has commended the decision of Al Zintan’s Municipal Council for the release, rehabilitaton and reintegration of any child under 18, involved in the armed conflict, and the establishment of a rehabilitation centre in the city that will also serve adults who as children were involved previously in armed conflicts. Mr. Mustafa Al Baroni, the Mayor of  Al Zintan, stated “we hope that all Libyans, politicians, sages, citizens and civil society organizations would, each in their own position and capacity, exert more efforts to support reconciliation, stability, peace, safety and security in the country to build a state of justice, law and welfare, the modern state that we all dream of.” He added: “The future generations should inherit development and prosperity; we should leave for our children an environment of stability and security instead of hatred and grudges”.