(UOSSM) – Less than 24 hours after the UN Security Council Resolution 2401 passed for a 30 day emergency cessation of hostilities in Syria, two medical facilities were attacked, at least 20 civilians were killed; and over 70 others were wounded. The two medical facilities in Eastern Ghouta were hit by airstrikes, heavily damaged and put out of service on the morning of February 25. There were no casualties. At least 20 civilians were killed in other areas of Ghouta as an aerial bombardment continued to pound civilian areas. At least 541 civilians were killed and thousands were wounded in one week from February 18-25. There were 31 attacks on 26 medical facilities (5 were attacked twice), killing 6 medical staff and injuring 15 since February 18. Eight of those facilities were completely destroyed and several others were heavily damaged and put out of service. The vulnerable civilians of eastern Ghouta have virtually no access to emergency healthcare when they need it most.