(ICRC) – It is well known that armed non-State actors (ANSAs) often pose a threat to education. This includes attacks against educational facilities and staff, as well as military use of schools. ANSAs—along with States—have, for instance, been found responsible for the military use of schools in 21 out of 26 countries (p. 33). There is, however, little awareness and data regarding the multiple roles ANSAs may play with respect to education in armed conflicts. In an attempt to address the gap, throughout 2015 and 2016, Geneva Call held interviews with selected ANSA representatives. The aim of the consultations was to better understand their views towards education. Based on these discussions, Geneva Call recently published a report reproducing the views of ten ANSAs. This post highlights report’s main findings with respect to the following issues: i) the facilitation and provision of education; ii) attacks against schools; iii) the use of schools for military purposes; iv) ANSAs’ knowledge of the legal framework; and v) other risks to education.