(UNICEF) – “The number of children in Yemen who have been killed as a result of conflict over the last 10 weeks is four times that of all those confirmed to have been killed in 2014*. At least 279 children have been killed and 402 injured since the escalation of violence in Yemen which began on 26 March 2015, compared with 74 and 244, respectively, that were reported in the whole of last year. “The recruitment and use of children has also sharply increased. Children in Yemen are being used by armed groups, manning check-points or carrying arms. In 2014, 156 children were confirmed to have been recruited and used in armed groups, whereas in 2015 the number has already doubled to 318. “Children continue to be killed, maimed or recruited to fight. They should be safely learning in school, not trying to escape bullets on the frontlines. These children are the future of Yemen and they must be protected at all times and kept out of harm’s way.