(Save the Children) – The degrading conditions on the Greek islands as a result of the European Union’s agreement with Turkey one year ago have led to an alarming rise in self-harm, increased aggression, anxiety and depression among child refugees and migrants, a new report by Save the Children has revealed. A Tide of Self-Harm and Depression details the impact of the appalling conditions created by the agreement – which has forced thousands of families and more than 5,000 children to live in detention-like facilities. The report paints a disturbing picture of how these conditions are undermining the mental health and general well-being of children. Incidents of self-harm in children as young as nine are growing, with mothers finding self-inflicted scars on their children’s hands while bathing them. Some children as young as 12 have even attempted suicide – and in one case claiming to have filmed the event – in response to seeing others do so.