(SAMS) –  Yesterday, April 15, 2018, SAMS-supported Al-Mara’a Hospital in Idlib was subjected to unlawful attacks carried out by armed factions that lasted more than seven hours. Heavy armed clashes started in the vicinity of the hospital and soon moved inside the building, instilling fear and panic in medical staff and their patients, and causing material damages, including the destruction of the hospital’s blood bank. As soon as the fighting stopped and it was safe to evacuate, SAMS medical staff transferred all their patients to nearby hospitals to ensure that they are able to continue treatment. As a result of these attacks on medical neutrality, SAMS has decided to temporarily suspend its operations at Al-Mara’a Hospital for today, April 16, and tomorrow, April 17. Additionally, SAMS is suspending its non-emergency services in northern Syria for the next five days, starting today until Friday, April 20.