(Geneva Call) – “Act as a fighter and not a killer”; this is the core of the multimedia campaign that Geneva Call launched in Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on July 27th, in the presence of the Congolese authorities and the humanitarian community. In the weeks to come, radio spots concerning the law of armed conflict will be broadcast intensively on local radio stations in North Kivu, and videos will be shared on a Facebook page. Furthermore, in order to strengthen the campaign, Geneva Call has developed a number of information tools, specifically made for combatants, in order to give them the opportunity to respect humanitarian norms in armed conflict. The mobile application “Fighter not Killer”, which can be downloaded free of charge from the website, gives combatants in armed groups the opportunity to test their knowledge of international humanitarian law and to inform themselves on fundamental principles such as the distinction between civil and military objects, or the prohibition to recruit children in their ranks.