(Enough Project) – On September 15th the world looked on as the United Nations deployed its peacekeeping mission to the Central African Republic and the United States reopened its embassy in the nation’s capital city Bangui. It was a day characterized by prospective hope and optimism, as US Secretary of State John Kerry vowed that the United States would join forces with international partners to help bring stability to a country that has become entrenched in sectarian fighting between the largely Christian Anti-Balaka militia and the Muslim Seleka rebels. Yet in Bangui, just one month later, the day is characterized not by hope and optimism, but rather by killings and chaos as the capital experiences a surge in violence… As the situations in Bangui worsens, it seems that the suffering knows no bounds. UN officials say that at least three children have been killed. One eight-year old boy was hit with a stray bullet, while two others were executed based on suspicions that they were spying. These latest events indicate that not only have children become a significant casualty of CAR’s armed conflict, but that they are also targeted recruits for the armed groups.