(Vogue) – Los niños son los que siempre pagan los platos rotos. “Children always pay for the broken plates.” In my work as a human rights advocate, I often think about this old Spanish proverb. Our conflicts are never a child’s fault, but they are the ones who pay the ultimate price. Two years ago, my frustration and sadness over the refugee crisis led me to reach out to my friend and mentor, Diane von Furstenberg, who immediately introduced me to the International Rescue Committee, of which she and her husband, Barry Diller, are long-time supporters. The IRC is a courageous humanitarian crisis organization providing services for people in need, contributing everything from education to safe spaces, while advocating strongly for resettlement programs. I have grown to love and support the IRC, and during the last 10 days of October, I had the privilege of traveling with the organization as they worked with refugees across Europe and the Middle East.