Layal Sarrouh is Watchlist’s Research and Reports Officer. She is responsible for all aspects of preparing the Watchlist’s Field Monitors. Layal has a broad range of experience in child protection, health, and education in humanitarian settings. She has worked with the UNHCR in Ghana where she led a refugee health and security assessment; with Right to Play Liberia as Project Coordinator and Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the organization’s largest national programme; and in the Philippines, where she led an evaluation of UNICEF education in emergencies programming. She has also worked for UNICEF Canada, where she engaged in children and armed conflict advocacy in her capacity as a Child Protection Specialist. Prior to joining Watchlist, Layal consulted with Plan International and the International NGO Council on Violence against Children, focusing on UN advocacy and children’s rights. Layal holds a Master in Public Health from the Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University, and an honours degree in Psychology from Queen’s University, Canada. Layal is Canadian and is currently based in New York.