Gilles-Philippe Pagé is Watchlist’s Partnerships Program Officer. He is responsible for managing the organization’s Partnerships Program, which supports NGOs and networks in conflict-affected countries to monitor and report on grave violations against children and advocate on their behalf at local and global level. Prior to joining Watchlist, Gilles-Philippe was responsible for managing Oxfam United Kingdom’s protection program in the north eastern Province Orientale of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has additional experience working on access to justice programming with the United Nations Joint Human Rights Office in the DRC and on the protection of human rights defenders with Peace Brigades International in Colombia. He also worked as coordinator with Greenpeace in Canada where he was responsible for developing and implementing the outreach and development program. Gilles-Philippe holds a LL.M degree in international human rights and humanitarian law (University of Essex) and a BA in international development studies (University of Toronto). He is Canadian and is based in New York.