One year ago, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict released its Field Monitor report, No One to Trust: Children and Armed Conflict in Colombia. Based on field research, No One to Trust highlighted the severe risks children are facing in Colombia’s decades-long armed conflict, including child recruitment, rape and sexual violence, and attacks against schools. In addition to reporting on violations committed against children, Watchlist devised key recommendations to address such violence and improve response mechanisms at the national and international level. In the year that has transpired since the publication of the report, important developments have taken place in Colombia, notably in regards to peace talks, child protection at regional level, the fight against impunity and the treatment of victims of paramilitary successor groups – four key issues explored in No One to Trust.

The Potential Impact of Peace Talks in the Protection of Children Affected by the Conflict in Colombia

Child Protection Response at Regional Level


Paramilitary Successor Groups