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The ex-Séléka coalition and associated armed groups, the anti-Balaka local defence militias, and Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) are listed for recruitment and use, killing and maiming, and sexual violence against children. The ex-Séléka are listed for attacks on schools and/or hospitals, and the LRA is listed for abduction. In October, the next progress report on MINUSCA by the Secretary-General (SG) is due pursuant to SCR 2301 (2016), which renewed its mandate until November. The continued presence of armed groups in close proximity to school premises poses serious protection risks to students and educators. Additionally, the sheltering of internally displaced persons in schools, like école Koudoukou which Watchlist visited in April, due to a lack of alternative sites, poses another challenge for the protection of schools. The Security Council should:

  • Call upon armed groups to release all children present in their ranks, and encourage the parties to conflict, the Government, and relevant stakeholders to ensure rapid agreement on and full implementation of the child demilitarization, demobilization, and reintegration process as a matter of priority;
  • Retain MINUSCA’s dedicated child protection capacities and Child Protection Advisors (CPAs), and ensure that the CPAs continue to have direct access to senior mission leadership, have political and operational space to engage with parties to conflict, and lead the Mission’s work on the UN-led Monitoring and Reporting Mechanism (MRM); to this end, retain distinct budget lines for child protection;
  • Call for full and immediate implementation of MINUSCA’s internal directive on how to minimize the military use of schools by their troops, and the impact of armed conflict on the security and education of children through continued training and awareness-raising efforts; in the process of removing armed groups from school premises, MINUSCA should not use force;
  • Encourage the Government to honor its commitment to protect schools from military use by implementing the Safe Schools Declaration, and to prioritize rebuilding its education system in order to ensure safe return of students and teachers to schools.

France is the lead country on CAR. Ukraine chairs the 2127 Sanctions Committee.


This information is based on Watchlist’s Children and Armed Conflict Monthly Update: October 2016.

Field Monitors


UN Action

Year listed: 2007
Action plans signed: An action plan for the APRD was ready to be signed in 2008, but it has been put on hold by the CAR Minister of Defence, who requested that other parties to conflict listed in the annexes of the Secretary-General’s report be included within the action plan. CPJP (Convention des patriotes pour la justice et la paix), part of the Séléka coalition, has concluded an action plan with the United Nations in line with Security Council resolutions 1539 (2004) and 1612 (2005).
Sanctions Committee: The Central African Republic Sanctions Committee was established by Security Council Resolution 2127 (2013)
Secretary-General’s reports on CAAC in CAR: 20162011; 2009
Security Council Working Group conclusions on CAR: 2011, 2009

2001 2002 2003 2005 2006 2007 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016
Armee populaire pour la restauration de la Republique et de la democratie (APRD)~ a, c a a a a
Forces democratiques pour la reassemlement (UFDR)/Union des forces democratiques pour le rassemblement (UFDR)~ a, b, d a,c a a a a a,b,c,d
Forces democratiques populaire de Centrafrique (FDPC) a, c a a a a a a,b,c,d
Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)* a,c,e a,c a,b,c a,b,c a,b,c a,b,c a,b,c a,b,c,e
Movement des liberateurs centrafricains pour la justice (MLCJ) a a a a a
Self-defence militias supported by the Government of Central African Republic a a a a
Convention des patriotes pour la justice et la paix (CPJP)~ a a a a a,b,c,d
Convention des patriotes pour la justice et la paix fondamentale (CPJP fondamentale) a a,b,c,d
Convention patriotique pour le salut du Kodro (CPSK) a
Union des forces republicaines (UFR) a
ex-Seleka coalition and associated armed groups (CPJP, CPJP fondamentale, FDPC, UFDR) a,b,c,d
anti-Balaka (local defense militias) a,b a,b,c a,b,c
Ex-Seleka coalition and associated armed groups a,b,c,d a,b,c,d
a: Parties that recruit and use children
b: Parties that kill and maim children
c: Parties that commit rape and other forms of sexual violence against children
d: Parties that engage in attacks on schools and/or hospitals
e: Parties that engage in abduction of children
f: Parties that deny humanitarian access to children
~ This party has concluded an action plan with the United Nations in line with Security Council resolutions 1539 (2004) and 1612 (2005).
* This party has been in the annexes for at least five years and is therefore considered a persistent perpetrator.